BBC Bias Peaceful Protest #2

15089 1.30pm Sun 29 Jun 2014

Around 1:30 - 3:30pm BBC Bias Peaceful Protest #2 - The People's Voice!

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BBC Bias Peaceful Protest #2 - The People's Voice! Sunday, June 29 at 1:30pm - 3:30pm BBC Scotland Studios, Pacific Quay G51 1 Glasgow, United Kingdom This is a protest against bias from the self-proclaimed “impartial” BBC. The most important issue we need to highlight is the repeated omission of relevant facts, information & answers that has kept Scotland in the dark about the real independence debate. The BBC’s coverage is ruining the run up to the biggest decision in our history. People are suitably sickened by the BBC & other mainstream media and their one sided conveyor belt of scare stories portrayed against our economic prospects, EU membership and the currency of an independent Scotland. Sometimes the bias is not in what they do cover but what they don't cover in their news & current affairs programmes. Specific examples of bias that concerns us are as follows: Make up of Question Time panels. Irish & Luxembourg EU ministers views misrepresented. UKIP promotion during EU elections. University of the West of Scotland report on bias on evening news programmes (BBC & STV) University of the West of Scotland report on bias on Radio Scotland Good Morning Scotland show The BBC's membership of the CBI which opposes independence and even tried to become an official member of the no campaign until a U turn after a mass cancellation of membership by Scottish companies. Different styles of questioning for Yes/No including more frequent interruptions from interviewers. The list goes on… Let's keep up the pressure on the old BBC and arrange their next outing as a massive anti-bias operation! Bring your saltires, banners, balloons, friends, family and loud voices. Make it a day to remember! Everyone is welcome from both sides of the debate. Groups that wish to protest about other instances of BBC bias unrelated to the independence debate are also more than welcome to attend.

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