Radical Tour of Edinburgh - Edinburgh Young Greens

328 2.00pm Sun 30 Aug 2015

Edinburgh Young Greens host a Radical Tour of Edinburgh

About this event

Please note that this is a social and educational event organised by the Edinburgh Young Greens. This event is open to the public. What's so radical about the radical road? Which architect of the financial crisis had their windows smashed? What was the Carnival of Full Enjoyment and what did it have to do with Bob Geldof? Why did a British political leader have to leave a Canongait pub with a police escort? When was Edinburgh's golden age of rioting? All or none of these questions will be answered as political history buff and Vice Convenor of the Edinburgh Green Party, Peter McColl leads us on a radical tour of Edinburgh to escape the Fringe and uncover our chaotic and inspiring history. We'll finish up at the The People's Story Museum on the High St. and then for a drink. Bring friends! All welcome!


Edinburgh Young Greens,


Scottish Parliament Building EH99 1SP

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