Overheard in the West End - Talented Bar Stewards

666 7.00pm Thu 5 May 2016

Another live alternative music event

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Tales from across the bar from the people who sell you refreshments and sometimes even refuse you booze. What goes on in their tender little bar tender heads while you party ? It may come as a shock but a lot of these bar stewards have been known to party off duty and even perform the musics, the poems and the comedys when your not looking or expect it . But for one night only when you are looking and are expecting it, we have unearthed some of the most talented bar stewards on the planet to tell you stories and sing you songs live at Overheard in the Westend at the siempre cafe in Kelvinhall. Free entry as always but if you enjoy yourself then please do donate to the artists that include: Becci Wallace Sam Small Lorna Macbean Jackal Trades Cee Smith Aiden Rivett Two's Up Lod Zilla Open Mic and much , much more


Siempre Bicycle Cafe

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