What is happening with Oil?

1277 6.30pm Wed 25 May 2016

a lecture by Dr Alister Hamilton

About this event

This event Will Be On youtube 2008: Oil at $147 / barrel 2015: Oil at $30 / barrel a public meeting to discuss the drivers for this rollercoaster and the impacts now and in the future. With Dr Alister Hamilton Register at https://oil25may.eventbrite.co.uk/ Dr Alister Hamilton, member of Transition Edinburgh, avid watcher of Peak Oil scenarios and Senior Lecturer in the University of Edinburgh School of Engineering will share his latest analysis of the data and the trends. Share your ideas too in a wide-ranging discussion on what all this means. The Ponzi Fracking schemes in the USA have depressed prices - but for how long? What does the current global glut mean for Peak Oil / Oil Depletion? What is really happening with OPEC and the Saudi super oil ministry? Will the transition to renewables - wind and solar - really cut demand? What is likely impact of electric vehicles on demand for oil? Would Unconventional Gas extracted from mainland Britain really be cheap? Mary Church, Head of Campaigns for Friends of the Earth Scotland, will respond and draw out the key issues to watch. All welcome. Some refreshments available if you arrive in good time before 6.30!


Dr Alister Hamilton

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