All Under One Banner, Stirling

1.00pm Sat 11 Sep 2021

About this event

MARCH FOR INDEPENDENCE- STIRLING This livestream is an Independence Live production. We'll start with a static camera at Albert Place to capture the whole march passing by and then follow the marchers to the Bannochburn field for the rally. AULD STIRLING BRIG TO BANNOCKBURN FIELD gbsct SATURDAY 11 SEPTEMBER GATHERING EARLY, LEAVE 12.30pm SHARP PROCESSION ROUTE: Auld Stirling Brig, Laurencecroft Road, Drip road, Back O’Hill Road, Lower Bridge Street, Cowane Street , Barnton Street, Murray Place, King Street, Corn Exchange Road, Albert Place, Dumbarton Road, Queens Road – Victoria Place, King’s Park Road, Polmaise Road, Torbrex Road, Weaver Row, McGrigor Road, Craigend Road, Barnsdale Road, Newpark Road, Nailer Road, Borestone Place, Bannockburn Field. RALLY AT BANNOCKBURN

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