Europe is Changing: From the Streets to the Parliament

33 7.00pm Tue 3 Feb 2015

Scottish Left Project, Hillhead Library, Glasgow

About this event

‘This is the Greece of the workers’ was the most applauded point expressed in Tsipras’ victory speech made in front of thousands in central Athens. After the historic election results for Syriza, Europe has been given hope, and the radical left everywhere can take inspiration from what we hope will be a major step on the road to defeating austerity. Syriza will also face huge challenges as it pursues an anti-austerity, anti-neoliberal agenda. The social movements in Greece will continue to play a vital role in social change, and the left internationally must rise to the challenge as well. These meetings will hear reports from a delegation who traveled to Athens for the election, as well as speakers from various backgrounds, including Syriza members, discussing the lessons we can learn, and of course how we can build solidarity with the people of Greece at this time. Europe is changing because the Left is back Speakers Deborah Waters, Labour for Independence Francis Curran, SSP DR Myrto Tsakatiska, Syriza Scotland Cat Boyd and Jonathon Shafi, who traveled to Greece as part of the Left Project delegation Dave Moxham, STUC + More TBC There will be an opportunity for questions and contributions from the floor.

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