Bairns Not Bombs Blockade - Faslane Nuclear Base

6253 7.00am Mon 13 Apr 2015

A blockade to stop work at Faslane where Trident nuclear weapons are based just 30 miles from Glasgow.

About this event

On Monday, 13th April the Scrap Trident Bairns Not Bombs Blockade will stop work at Faslane where Trident nuclear weapons are based just 30 miles from Glasgow. Please consider either taking part directly or in a support role. For more details check out the Blockade Briefing at Nonviolent Direct Action training will take place on Sunday 12th April in Glasgow. Everyone considering taking part in or supporting the blockade is asked to take part in training. Contact us for more info to set up a training for a local affinity group. Please Register at: Book a place on a Bus from Glasgow, Edinburgh and other places. Details at: A one day blockade may seem to be only a gesture; the blockade may not significantly interfere with the operation of Trident. But when people put their bodies on the line & risk arrest it is a strong statement. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, such actions send out ripples. We don't know what effect it may have. By blockading we the people are telling the politicians: you don't have the right to continue threatening armageddon. Stop it! The Blockade is also part of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending, calling for substantial reductions in military spending, currently set at £38Billion for next year and for redirecting those funds towards investment in sustainable energy and other human needs like education and health. Poverty fuels wars and increasing spending on weapons by poorer countries increases poverty. It's a vicious circle. But there is currently a great deal of pressure from NATO and the US for the UK to increase its spending on the military to 2%. It's another reason to take part in this blockade. The Global Day of Action will be just that - with actions against military spending around the world. Be part of it. Our future does not have to be built around warmongering, resource competition and strife. It can be about compassion, nurturing, mutualism and care. For too long the world’s governments have wasted too many precious resources on weapons that do not provide real security. There is another way.

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