22797 11.00am Sat 25 Apr 2015

George Square, Glasgow. Lots of great speakers including Mark McGowan, The Artist Taxi Driver plus great music...

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The Hope Over Fear campaign will not shirk its responsibilities. On May 7th 2015 we have a unique opportunity in Scotland to wipe out the blue, yellow and red Tories in one fell swoop. We can electorally punish those who lined up with the billionaires and millionaires to lie, deceive and bully our nation into submission. We are not too small, too poor or too scared to move forward into a new and better world and by uniting the pro-Scotland and anti-Establishment vote in May 2015 we can realise our dreams. Bring the family and enjoy another great day out while listening to the speakers from all political backgrounds and on the importance of using your vote wisely at the general election. There will also be many amazingly talented artists and musicians for you to enjoy on the day. In the words of Gerry Cinnamon's inspiring anthem of our movement, "Hope Over Fear, Carpe Diem". Let’s seize the day in 2015. NOTE: Mark McGowan, The Artist Taxi Driver will be one of the speakers :) FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/401561463337441/

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