Pranav Jani at Féile an Phobail (West Belfast Festival)

72 12.00pm Sat 1 Aug 2015

Anti-imperial Connections: Ireland and India in the early Twentieth Century

About this event

Pranav Jani is a scholar, writer, organizer and social justice activist in Columbus, Ohio. He teaches English at Ohio State University, specializing in Postcolonial Studies and US Ethnic Studies. His first book, Decentering Rushdie: Cosmopolitanism and the Indian English Novel in English (2010), discusses the relationship between history and literature in post-independence India. His current research project, on the 1857 Revolt and the legacy of anti-colonial struggle in colonized South Asia, looks at changing narratives of the uprising in the Indian imagination over the course of more than 150 years. He will be speaking on the ties between Indian and Irish revolutionaries in the early years of the twentieth century.


Pranav Jani


St Mary's University College, Falls Road, Belfast BT12 6FE

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