#BeBrave Leith

303 12.30pm Fri 4 Sep 2015

part of the #OurLand campaign highlighting the dereliction in cities

About this event

Join Andy Wightman and Our Land activists this Friday to show solidarity with the Our Land Campaign in Scotland. The event is on part of the failed Waterfront development. The land was acquired for over £3 million in 2008 and, following the financial crash, was sold to Sapphire Land Ltd., registered in the British Virgin Islands for £327,916 in 2012. The British Virgin Islands is designated a “secrecy jurisdiction” so no information is available about who controls the company. Offshore companies are often used to launder money and evade tax. This 'secrecy jurisdiction' is one of the five asks the Our Land campaign are asking for (find out more here http://www.ourland.scot/2015/08/asks/), and has been chosen to highlight how important this issue is in both urban and rural Scotland today. This campaign is depending on local activists to make the event a great success, so get stuck in, and help us show how much Scotland needs land reform.


Andy Wightman


The site of the failed waterfront development at Western Harbour, Leith EH6 6PG

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