Glasgow Sees Syria

2133 2.30pm Sat 12 Sep 2015

On Saturday we are going to stand in George Square, opposite the City Chambers. We are each going to bring a candle so we can light a light for the many who have died in their attempts at safety while our government has done very little.

About this event

If you would like to join us in peacefully telling our Politicians that the people of Glasgow will not abide the Home Office decision to help so few refugees I would love to see you there with a candle. Please share and invite people to this event. REGARDING THE NAME Semantics are important. We have seen how words can be used to influence people's feelings and actions towards a situation. Multi media is stuck in a refugee/migrant battle of semantics. Both of these words are being misunderstood. Both of these words are also a label, they remove the humanity from a person and make them a thing. If we could call the event Glasgow Sees Syria/Palestine/Libya/Afganistan/Somalia (how sad that the list goes on) we would. But ultimately we wanted to convey firstly that we see what is going on in the world and secondly that we don't see our fellow humans as refugees but as people who came from a place. At the moment there are an estimated 11 million displaced Syrians, 4 million of them have been displaced outside of their home country. This is an overwhelming number of people, this is a crisis that we can not ignore. The name is Glasgow Sees Syria but in doing so we see every person who has lost their home. We light a candle for all people in this situation and in doing so tell our Government WE SEE!


George Square, Glasgow.

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