Class and nation in contemporary Scotland: day 1

365 6.30pm Thu 17 Sep 2015

with keynote lecture from Richard Finlay on "Britishness in Scotland: Past, Present – and Future?"

About this event

Maureen McBride: Opening remarks and welcome. Bridget Fowler: Setting the Scene: the Continuing Relevance of Class. Richard Finlay: Britishness in Scotland: Past, Present – and Future? Chair: Neil Davidson The Independence Referendum campaign of 2014 and the British General Election of 2015 have transformed Scottish politics: the former giving rise to a social movement comparable to those of Spain and Greece, the latter consolidating the rise of the SNP signalling the collapse of the once-mighty Scottish Labour Party into electoral irrelevance. Yet the underlying sociological changes beneath these events have received relatively little attention. In particular,while fantastical claims about Scotland being dominated by increasingly affluent middle-class professionals have not survived the recession, nothing has replaced them, and discussions of the Yes vote and SNP's current hegemony simply assume that this is the result of a turn to 'nationalism' when in fact it reflects, at least in part, a search for a social democratic alternative to Labour. This conference seeks to address these issues of class structure and national identity, and related issues of racism, sectarianism and mass movements. Open to both academics and activists, we intend that our programme of lectures, panels and debates - all followed by open discussion - will contribute to deepening public understanding of the 'New Scotland'.


Richard Finlay, Bridget Fowler, Maureen McBride, Neil Davidson


Renfield St Stephens, 260 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4JP

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