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Dr Helga Rhein On Vitamin D

513 7.00pm Thu 10 Sep 2015

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At The Yes Cafe Dr Helga Rhein, I work as a GP in Edinburgh. We know that a majority of people living in Scotland are Vitamin D deficient, I want to change this! Dr Helga Rhein, a GP in Edinburgh’s Sighthill area, has been single-handedly prescribing vitamin D for years since blood tests proved 70 per cent of her patients – some of Scotland’s poorest, sickest people – are severely deficient. Now she wants Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer to recommend that Scottish GPs in deprived areas prescribe year-round vitamin D supplementation immediately. She says: “A Food Standards Agency report published two years ago showed 47 per cent of people in deprived areas have levels of vitamin D in the blood that are well below adequacy. SACN’s report makes no north-south distinction and recommends the same dose for everyone whether they are a veiled woman in the north or a sun lover in south. A daily dose of 10 microgrammes for everyone in Britain is nonsense.”

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