Interview with Neil Scott on Brian Quail & Angela Zelter in custody

130 4.15pm Tue 25 Jul 2017

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Discussing latest news on Brian Quail & Angela Zelter with Neil Scott. >>> Please Like and share! <<< Brian Quail, at the age of 79, lay under a vehicle to stop the nuclear weapons convoy that takes to the public roads of Scotland every 6 weeks or more. Brian was recently found not guilty of a breech of the peace for his peaceful intervention against the hideous weapons of intergenerational horror. He is now however, in custody for refusing a court order to remain away from the peace camp at Faslane. You can support Brian and his long time comrade Angela Zelter here and also by never voting for any party that supports the continued purchase and maintenance of nuclear arms. PLEASE SIGN, RELEASE BRIAN QUAIL AND ANGELA ZELTA PETITION:

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