Building the Scottish State Show

Building the Scottish State Show

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Dr. Mark McNaught, University of Rennes, Brittany. Host of the Building the Scottish State Show.

Watch upcoming & previous Building the Scottish State Shows.

Building the Scottish State Show – with special guest Gareth Wardell (Grouse Beater) (S1.EP31)

Building the Scottish State Show: Series 1 – Episode 31 – Gareth Wardell (Grouse Beater)

On this week’s show, Dr Mark McNaught is joined by Gareth Wardell (Grouse Beater)

Mr Wardell, who
is well known for his writings under the Grouse Beater blog site describes his own background:

“I am from what used to be called a ‘broken home’. I ran away a lot. Now I am described as a polymath and a ‘self-made man’. There’s a cliché for everybody and everything. My background is Edinburgh-born and educated, Catholic and Jewish. I am half-Sicilian, half-Irish. My vocation began as a student of theatre, (and studied philosophy), teacher in Glasgow and then lecturer in drama, (Distinction) in Edinburgh, broadcaster for BBC and commercial radio, to founder-artistic director of a national theatre still flourishing. I was a few years an unhappy BBC television executive producer, London, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Recently I devoted myself to work as a producer-writer-doctor of filmed drama, and lately an obsessive essayist and polemicist. For relaxation I design gardens and help plant them, currently a Roman garden on Roman archaeological ground.”

“Extensive experience in the arts in Scotland, England, and abroad, particularly the USA, has given me a perspective of Scotland’s political and social deficiencies. And they are legion. Scotland is too long a colonised country. My vocation spans theatre production, radio, television, film and journalism. At one time I wrote for US car magazines. I wrote the Louis Vuitton Guide to Los Angeles (not the restaurant section) while still in Edinburgh and to a month’s deadline! Most recent books are published by the Royal Academy of Arts in London, in addition to ESSAYS and ESSAYS 2, collections of essays published in various Internet sites, magazines and newspapers, (available from me direct or Amazon) a third book on adventures in LaLa Land now a work in progress.”


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