Mibbes Aye

Mibbes Aye Series

If you're a supporter of Scottish Independence and you want to be well informed on the issues that make other Scots hesitate on independence, then Mibbes Aye is the show to watch.

Some Scots won’t ever support independence. Fair enough that’s their choice. 

Others are persuadable, may even want to vote Yes, but need more information to help them make that move. 

Reliable information on key issues that is presented in a fair-minded way. That’s what we aim to do in our Mibbes Aye interviews.

Mibbes Aye is a Scottish Independence Podcast production.


The Mibbes Aye Video Series started at the beginning of 2022. We broadcast them every month. Click on the image to see what topics we’ve covered...

On the go? We have an audio versions of Mibbes Aye. Just follow Scottish Independence Podcasts on Podbean, Google, Apple or wherever you listen to podcasts.....Or browse all our podcasts on our Scottish Independence Podcasts website. Click on the image and have a look round👇

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