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SCOTONOMICS SPECIAL: Scotland’s Future: A Job Guarantee for Scotland?

With the rise of AI and casualised work, and the drive to transition away from polluting industries, the ability people have to keep themselves employed has never been less secure. Should Scotland respond by instituting a job guarantee? This event brings together a set of internationally renowned academics as well as some of the brightest thinkers from Scottish politics and advocacy to debate the merits of such a move.

The event is part of St Andrews’ Scotland’s Future Series.

Marion Ellison (Social Policy, Queen Margaret University)
Daniel Johnson (MSP and Scottish Labour Spokesperson on Fair Work)
Virginia Mantouvalou (Law, University College London)
William Thomson (Founder, Scotonomics)
Philippe van Parijs (Economics and Social Ethics, University of Louvain)
Andrea Veltman (Philosophy, James Madison University)

To book tickets for the in-person event visit the website:
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EU elections 2024: Let's make some noise for Scotland.

Due to Brexit, the election of the new EU Parliament in May 2024 is the first in which Scottish citizens will not be able to vote. Yet the next EU Parliament will make crucial decisions on EU enlargement for the coming decade.

How can we make sure that Scotland’s European future is seriously considered during the campaign and that Scotland is included in the conversation on the next EU enlargement?

Join our discussion on Europe for Scotland’s new petition for Scots, designed to make as much noise as possible before the next EU election.

With Lesley Riddoch, Olaf Stando and Europe for Scotland activists.

About and petition:


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