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TNT Show - an online show that informs, educates & entertains.


The TNT Show is a weekly online chat show. It’s guests are mainly from Scotland and come from all walks of life from politicians to musicians, lawyers to scientists. They have interviewed people like the actor Brian Cox, musician Eddi Reader and scientist Marcus Chown. John also takes questions from viewers for the guest.

They have nearly done over 100 shows and are going strong.


The host of the show, John Drummond is an author and journalist. He has written for The Times and the Financial Times, and he presently contributes a Column for the Sunday National. Not one to shrink from a challenge, he has also written two books on business ethics. 

John believes that the Scottish people are sovereign, and that the foundation of an effective state rests on a written, codified constitution, approved by the people.

Watch upcoming & previous TNT Shows.

TNT Show. Ep 133. With guest Stewart Ward, Sunday National editor.

Sunday National editor.

Post your questions on the livestream chat for host John Drummond to ask guest.

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