Pro-independence PARACHUTE JUMP, Dunfermline, Forward As One

12.00pm Sat 1 Sep 2018

Fourth camera with decent optical zoom to capture the parachutists dropping from the skies

About this event

PARACHUTE JUMP camera (on the ground) --- Please Like & share! Independence Live, Livestream --- Second Annual Yes event in Dunfermline. This time we're doing it slightly differently. We want it to be a celebration of life, liberty and the hope for a better future. Rather than marching, we want it to be a mardi-gras style parade of dancing and singing, filling the ancient streets of Dunfermline with the sound of celebration. To be swiftly followed by a celebration in Pittencrief Park. So get dressed up, pull out the costumes and the face paint, make floats and prepare to sing your hearts out. Scotland's coming home to the last capital of Scotland where sovereignty lay with the people of Scotland. Parade to assemble next to near Dunfermline Train Station. Convoys and other ancillary events to be announced shortly. For more information follow Forward as One on Facebook at or on Twitter at @ForwardasOneYes Hashtags: #FAO #Dunfermline ----- LIVESTREAM PRODUCTION ----- Livestream brought to you by Independence Live. Over 1000 livestreams since Nov 2013. DON'T HATE THE MEDIA, BECOME THE MEDIA. We are the grassroots!

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TNT Show - John Drummond interviewing Sue Palmer #TNTShow

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