OXI! #ThisIsACoup - Edinburgh Demo

284 6.00pm Wed 15 Jul 2015

Solidarity demo in Edinburgh in parallel with similar demos in Greece, to support Greek people whose parliament is being forced by the European elites to pass undemocratic laws. Join us at the Mound

About this event

OXI to the Troika agreement! OXI to Austerity. OXI to blackmail. The Troika says cut back, we say fight back! Join the Glasgow rally as part of the global day of solidarity protests to say... Solidarity with the people of Greece. OXI to the Troika agreement! OXI to Austerity! OXI to blackmail! Drop Greek Debt! From Glasgow to Greece, No Justice, No Peace! Solidarity demos and rallies will be held around the world today (Weds, 15th July) while the Greek parliament begins voting through the austerity laws demanded by the Troika. Also, at the same time today, the Adedy Greek trade union federation has called a mass strike! Adedy will be joined on strike by Athens Metro workers and workers at ERT (Greek equivalent of BBC, which was recently under workers' control for 2 years). Please send messages of support to strikers at [email protected] from your union branch, campaign group or as an individual. Many Socialists in Greek unions are calling for another 48-hour strike next week, when a second round of legislation is due to be passed. Strikes have stopped cuts and closures in a number of places. They brought the previous government down, bringing the left to office. Striking now can protect jobs and wages—and go beyond the compromes of the Greek government to build a stronger, anti-capitalist left. Below is from Kevin Ovendon's (writer and political commentator) Facebook page "The Troika has succeeded in making the SYRIZA-government submit to their demands to implement more devastating austerity measures, by means of financial terrorism and threats to push the country over the brink of economic collapse. Some would call this a capitulation by SYRIZA, some would call #ThisIsACoup by the Troika. Whatever it is, if the Troika gets their way, it would amount to a historic defeat for everyone fighting against austerity and for democracy. The only option left for us now is escalating the struggle to the streets and the workplaces. Forced by the Troika the Greek government will on Wednesday be effectively implementing legislation that the Greek people voted NO against over little more than a week ago. All red lines have been crossed. It's up to us to defend them. So we call on everyone all over the world to take to central squares that day, to loudly say: OXI means OXI! OXI to Austerity! OXI to Capitulation! OXI to a third memorandum! YES to democracy! Yes to the power of mass strikes and collective action to fight back against the Troika and austerity. Everybody come to the Mound, Edinburgh, 6pm


the Mound, Edinburgh EH1 2

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