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Independence Live is a grassroots collective.

We formed in 2013 to provide a platform for the Scottish independence movement to get their voices heard against a backdrop of a hostile main stream media. We have done 1000s of broadcast covering everything from Scottish independence events to social issues and cultural events. We have interviewed people from all different backgrounds including some more welll known like Noam Chomsky.

We now produce our own online shows and have opened up our social media network to others to stream out their online productions like SCOTONOMICS.

This year we will be launching our own science show Mine’s a pint, Einstein with host Marcus Chown who is a science writer and broadcaster. Plus, Indy Jigsaw which starts on the 4th Feb & Mibbes Aye which starts on the 22nd Feb.

We are a small but dedicated team of volunteers and there are opportunities to get involved. We need help and you might like to join us and learn new skills and meet cool people. Plus we get to learn from you.

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