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Independence Live is a grassroots collective.

It was started in 2013 by Derek McLean and Kevin Gibney who were soon joined by Gerry Mulvenna & Fiona MacKinnon plus may more. Our main goal was to provide a news media platform through livestreaming for the Scottish independence movement to by-pass the main stream media who are vociferously against Scottish independence including the BBC. In addition our other goal was to show and teach others how to livestream so they could create their own news.

Since we started we have broadcast more than just Scottish independence events. We cover things like racism, poverty, drugs, culture and everything else you would expect from a news organisation.

We have documented via livestream videos the Scottish independence referendum and movement as historical primary source material for future historians and continue to do so as we move forward.

During Covid we concentrated much of our energy on doing online livestreams by creating our own productions with the involvment of William Thomson and Paul McCartney and re-streaming livestreams by others. In addition showing and helping others how to do online livestreams using Zoom or Streamyard.

In 2019 we co-founded IndyLive Radio with Norrie Hunter who has moved on to setup another indy media outlet Caledon Radio. On IndyLive Radio you can hear great music, chat and lots of indy stuff. They provide on-demand platforms via SoundCloud, PodBean and Youtube. You will find some of the audio from the Independence Live productions on the podcast service. Since Covid the service is now run remotely with the radio team having to learn new skills and adapt. 

In 2020 we setup the Whats On Guide for the indy community where you can find the “Livestream Schedule” for Independence Live livestreams as well as from others streaming in the Indy community. In addition you can also find the “Indy Live Radio Schedule” and listen to the radio while you browse the site.

Views expressed on our broadcasts do not necessarily reflect the views of the Independence Live collective nor should our coverage of any event, individual or organisation be taken as an endorsement

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