Why We Need Your Donations and How to Get Them to Us

By the end of 2023, only 18 months away, Scotland will have chosen to be an independent nation again. Or not. At 50% in the polls, we’ve never had a better chance. But it’s not a done deal. Far from it.

IndependenceLive Media exists to make Independence happen: live-streaming, creating programmes and offering space to promote the Yes Movement.  

It doesn’t take a lot of money to keep us going, but it does take some. We support one person full-time, we need to keep our live-streaming equipment up to scratch, and websites, online studios, mail lists all need a bit of cash from our reserves.

So our reserves need constant topping up. Be great if we had one well-off patron to fund it all. But we don’t. And it’s better anyway if we’re funded by lots of ordinary Scots who want the same thing as us. Independence. A fiver here, a tenner there, and the odd £100 will do it.

There are two ways to support us. Click on the image to choose…

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