Trident still has to go – NOW!

106 12.00pm Sun 30 Nov 2014

Faslane Demo: Trident still has to go – NOW!

About this event

Following the result of the Scottish independence referendum we believe that the issue of Trident nuclear weapons in Scotland is still not settled. Scrapping Trident was a central part of the Yes campaign, which attracted 45% of the vote, and a significant percentage of No voters also believe passionately that there is no place for Trident in Scotland. This means that a clear majority of the people in Scotland want to see Trident scrapped. The next intake of MPs to Westminster will be taking the decision in 2016 of whether to go ahead with replacing the current Trident system at a cost of £100 Billion. With spending on health, education, pensions and disability benefits being slashed we believe that squandering such a sum on nuclear weapons is immoral and unreasonable and call for Trident to be scrapped and human needs funded. In order to demonstrate the size, strength and passion of the popular opposition to Trident, the Scrap Trident coalition intends to hold a mass public demonstration at Faslane at 12 Noon on Sunday 30 November. We would like as many people as possible to attend, particularly those people who have never attended a demonstration at Faslane before but feel that now is the time for them to make their voice heard. We want the people of Scotland to unite and to make a call for peace that will be clearly heard by all of the political parties, both in Holyrood and Westminster. On arrival at Faslane coaches will drop off at the South Gate at about 11.45am. The buses will drop off near the Peace Camp at the South end of the base , from there we will make our way to the North Gate. We hope to see a huge, colourful, mass of people making as much noise as they possibly can. As we pass north up the A814 we will have the opportunity to attach our banners, posters, signs etc along the perimeter fence. (This can be difficult, bring thin wire and cable ties, but avoid bringing anything that could be used to cut the fence) People who don’t want to take part in the noisy demonstration or who are unable to walk the length of the fence can go directly to the North Gate where will be some singing. Once at the North Gate, we will join with all the other groups for a variety of different events. Individuals will have an opportunity to make short statements (approx 1 min) over an amplifier outlining why they are there. There will be hot drinks available at the North gate and you are encouraged to bring sandwiches and to join together to meet, eat and talk. Maps of the base will be supplied with a description of what goes on where within the complex. If you have never been to Faslane before, this is your opportunity to come and see it for yourself and to think about how its purpose is to daily prepare for devastating nuclear warfare. The event will finish by 2.00pm. For more info see or contact [email protected]

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