Alternative Currencies with Duncan McCann from the New Economics Foundation

57 7.30pm Tue 10 Feb 2015

live from the Edinburgh North & Leith Common

About this event

The £? The Euro? Pegged? Or something brand new! Tonight we discuss alternative currencies with Duncan McCann from NEF. Here's a short biography for Duncan - it's about more than just money! Duncan is a researcher with the New Economics Foundation (NEF) focused on understanding the monetary system, its impact and consequences on society, the environment and the economy as well as researching alternatives at international, national and the local level. Duncan has been working on money for over 5 years and prior to NEF was working at Positive Money. As well as working on money Duncan runs his own NGO, WEEE Help, looking at circular economy solutions to the e-waste problem and is on the Steering Committee of the UN led Solving the E-waste problem. Duncan is also a founder of the baking co-operative Hackney Growers Kitchen which seeks to use locally grown seasonal fruit and veg to make delicious food.’

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