For an Independent Socialist Scotland

424 7.00pm Tue 3 Nov 2015

An event organised by the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) in the Royal Overseas League, Edinburgh, to reject "Corbynmania" and "Nicolamania" in the debate on Scottish Independence and ask the question “Where now for the socialist left in Scotland?"

About this event

In recent months the Scottish political landscape has been completely transformed. The unexpected election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has led some to conclude that Labour will now move left and promote socialist policies. But this will simply not happen. Jeremy Corbyn is a principled socialist but one who is a prisoner of the Blairite Parliamentary Labour Party. Equally the SNP is not about to move left either. Nicola Sturgeon is no socialist and neither is her party, regardless of her populism. Both Labour and the SNP are neo-liberal parties and both are keen to present their most ‘business friendly’ manifestoes in 2016. The SNP anti-austerity rhetoric does not reflect its actions: they plan £60m of cuts in services in Edinburgh, they have privatised Scotland’s non-domestic water contracts and sold off Edinburgh’s Sick Kids hospital to private companies. The Scottish Socialist Party states that it has not been carried away by “Corbynmania” or “Nicolamania”. They believe in an independent socialist Scotland. And they recognise there are no shortcuts to achieving it. The place for socialists is in a socialist party. There is an article in the National about this event and its timely topic ( )


Jim Sillars, Nathalie Reid, Colin Fox


Royal Overseas League EH2 3AB

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