Our New Show: Mibbes Aye?

Our new show - Mibbes Aye - starts on 22nd February.... Here's what we're aiming to do

Do you know anyone who is sitting on the fence about Scottish independence?

Want to talk to them? Or let them know where to find reliable information about what a Scottish independent state might look like?

Send them over to our YouTube channel to have a look at our new show: Mibbes Aye?

Episode 1 : A Green Deal for Scotland is scheduled for Tuesday 22 February at 8pm. 

Craig Dalzell, Head of Policy & Research at Commonweal, takes us through “Our Common Home” a radical green plan for Scotland.

And when I say radical I mean radical. It’s comprehensive, it’s detailed, and it’s costed. You don’t get much better than that.

To read more about the plan and download click: here.

The Show goes live at 8pm on Tuesday, 22 February, on our

Independent Live YouTube Channel

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