Europe for Scotland – The light is still on

Europe for Scotland – The light is still on


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Europe for Scotland - The light is still on: why Scotland matters to Europeans

A celebration of Scotland's place in Europe, a glimpse of European affection for Scotland and an introduction to Europe for Scotland's plans.

On the the 6th anniversary of the EU Referendum ...
we celebrate Scotland's historical ties with Europe and discuss how Europeans can help Scotland's efforts to reclaim its place in Europe as an independent nation.

Representatives of our campaign from several European countries explain why Scotland matters to us and why we, as Europeans, strongly support Scotland's right to choose its own future post Brexit.

We introduce our plan to lobby European politicians to support Scotland's EU accession as an independent country.

This event also sees the premiere of a special film by Billy Kay that celebrates Scotland's impact on Europe over a thousand years.

The event is hosted by journalist and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch.

Questions will be answered live throughout the event. You can post questions via the Independence Live YouTube, Facebook and Twitter streams.

Europe for Scotland:

The All-IN-One stream will be LIVE on the Independence Live social media network - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram & TikTok.

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